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A pet urine test gives you the results for urine-related illnesses, including bladder infections, kidney stones and urinary tract infections. This can be very handy for pet owners whose dogs experience UTIs frequently (learn more about treating UTIs).

Instead of taking your dog to the vet for a dog UTI test, you can conduct one at home by purchasing a urine test for dogs. Then you can consult your vet about administering your dog’s medication, if needed.

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Best All-In-One Kit: KIT4CAT CheckUp At Home Wellness Test For Dogs Review

Kit4Cat CheckUp At Home Wellness Test For DogsView on Amazon

The CheckUp Wellness Test is an all-inclusive kit that includes a disposible urine collection cup, vial and pipette to help you collect your dog’s urine and 2 testing strips you’ll need to test your dog’s urine.

The test can help identify urinary tract infections (UTIs), blood in the urine, high glucose levels and kidney failure. The test detects the presence of the following in your dog’s urine:

The kit also includes a color-coded chart to help you decipher results. While you get all the “equipment” you need to test your dog’s urine, this kit doesn’t test for nearly as many parameters as the test strips we review below.


Best Test Strips: IVITA Health Mate Vet-10 Review

IVITA Health MateView on Amazon

Unlike the kit we review above, Health Mate’s product is only test strips. However, these strips give you more comprehensive results than the CheckUp kit. And you get 50 test strips, so it’s a great value if your dog suffers from regular UTIs.

In addition to UTIs and bladder infections, these test strips can also help diagnose diabetes, kidney problems and metabolic disorders (but be sure to share your dog’s results with your veterinarian for a complete diagnosis).

Health Mate’s test strips analyze your pet’s urine for the presence of:


Why Should You Analyze Your Pet’s Urine?

Even if your pet doesn’t have any health conditions, you can still test their urine. Urine test strips for dogs and cats can display warning signs before an illness is too far advanced.

Your Pet Still Needs To See The Vet

As a friendly reminder, a urinalysis test for dogs isn’t meant to replace your pet’s annual vet checkup. These are intended to be used as a preventative form of testing to help keep your pet healthy in between vet visits.

Why are you considering using a pet urine test?

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