Thursday, December 9, 2021
Cat Spraying No More

Dog Seizures: Signs, Causes, and What To Do When a Dog Has a Seizure

If you’ve never seen a dog having a full-blown convulsive seizure, consider yourself lucky – and hope you never do. It’s awful to...

Using Kinesiology Tape On Your Dog

If you pay attention to sports, you know that athletes around the world are wearing colorful tape on their arms, legs, shoulders, and...

Dog Throwing Up Yellow – How Worried You Should Be?

It's common for dogs to experience some stomach issues, but vomiting yellow... How often does it happen? Is it something that you should...

How to Keep Your Dog Cool – Summer Tips For All Year Round

Do you know how to protect your dog from heatstroke? Or how to make hot days more chill? Check this guide if you...

What If My Dog Eats Sand? How Dangerous It Is?

How can eating a bit of sand cause serious problems in your dog's health? Read on and discover what sand impaction is and...

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? Is Pepper Bad For Dogs? –

Is your dog a fan of table scraps and human snacks, but you’re not sure if the seasonings are okay for your pup?...

Dog Licking Paws – Why Do They Do It?

Your dog started excessively licking his paws? Check this article to discover the most common reasons why your dog licks his paws. How...

For Itchy Skin, Oatmeal, Medicated & More –

Are skin allergies creating a problem for your pup, and you’re not sure how to help? Finding the right shampoo could provide some...

Symptoms, Treatment, Genetic Testing & More –

Learn all about Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) in dogs. Find out how much exercise your dog can tolerate and when to dial it...

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